Jackfish Notice™

Notice™ is a notification service that enables service providers to send alert messages to set-top boxes, interrupting whatever programming end users may be watching. There are two types of Notification:

Level 1 alerts force set-top boxes to tune to a specified service, such as a presidential address.

Level 2 alerts display a message in a scrolling banner, such as a weather service alert that warns residents of certain counties that a flood warning has been issued. These alerts do not force set-top boxes to tune to a different service.

The alerts can be sent to just those set-top boxes in a particular geographical region. Alert messages can also be given a priority level, which determines the set-top boxes that display the alert. If a set-top box is tuned to a service with a priority threshold set, the set-top box ignores all alert messages whose priority is not greater than the threshold.

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