Jackfish Caller ID™

Jackfish Caller ID™ Application is a light-weight, easily configurable software Application which provides a rich Caller ID experience to Mediaroom subscribers. Designed to be easy to use and administer, the Jackfish Caller ID Application manages Microsoft Mediaroom integration, processing messages from a SIP v2.0-compliant telephony switch. Additional adapters are available to handle SS7 and non-standardized messaging sources.

The Jackfish Caller ID Application is a branch-level application that interfaces with the Microsoft Mediaroom system through the Notification system. There are certain considerations that are managed which guarantee that calls to this system do not adversely affect normal Mediaroom operations and that Caller ID messages are presented to the subscriber in a timely fashion (within 2 rings).

The term branch-level means that a single logical instance of the jackfish Caller ID Application exists per Mediaroom branch. The only exception to this would be in the instance where multiple Caller ID sources are required to service a single branch. In this case, certain components, see below (Component Design), would need to be duplicated in order to support this configuration.

The Jackfish Caller ID Application supports Microsoft Mediaroom v1.1 SP3.2/Client 1.6.4 and above. The subscriber screens (more detail in Interface Subscriber) are provided via Mediaroom Presentation Framework (MPF).

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