Jackfish Remote PVR™

The JackFish Remote PVR™ Scheduler (a.k.a. R-PVR) extends the Microsoft Mediaroom DVR capabilities to allow for remote recording through web site portals and mobile phones. It provides remote management of scheduled and recorded shows.

The R=PVR is a global application that interfaces with the Microsoft Mediaroom DVR system through the OSS Remote Record web service. Supporting and enhancing the DVR system, R-PVR provides EPG search and recording capabilities. This functionality is supported by the import of EPG data to a central database independent of Microsoft Mediaroom.

The term global application means that a single instance of the application is installed for each instance of the Microsoft Mediaroom system. Two public facing web sites provide the portal capabilities for Mediaroom subscribers to search the Electronic Program Guide, remote record and manage scheduled and recorded shows: one web site for regular internet users and the other for mobile phone users. The current versions of these websites illustrate the use of the PC Website controls and Mobile Website control libraries; it is expected that the carrier will integrate with existing web portals utilizing these libraries.

For a remote record request, a mapping of user credentials to subscriber account is required to identify the specific subscriber and recording device. The subscriber is correlated to the account and branch through these end-user credentials. The current version of R-PVR utilizes authentication credentials stored in the CSM database, although different authentication schemes can be developed outside the terms of this version. Once the subscriber has been correlated to an account and branch, the remote record request is then transported to the specific branch for processing by Microsoft Mediaroom.

The JackFish Remote PVR Scheduler supports Microsoft Mediaroom v1.1 SP2 and above.

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